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We are a space specialized in the care, health and beauty of your skin, our services go hand in hand with previous evaluations and in this way offer personalized attention according to the unique needs of the client.

always hand in hand with innovative treatments, with qualified professionals.

Our purpose is to achieve the full satisfaction of each of our clients.

We provide wellness through high technology and innovation in facial and body treatments.

Would you like to look like a Queen every day?

Come and receive the best recommendation to properly and professionally treat acne problems, skin blemishes, signs of age, expression lines, warts and much more, with our advanced technological equipment we can determine your skin type and required to treat this class of conditions.

How do beauty treatment reservations work?

Access skin care treatments Scheduling your appointment will allow you personalized attention with our professionals in order to meet your goals and make progressive aesthetic improvements saving time and money.


Choose the Beauty and Skin Health treatments according to your needs.

Schedule appointment

Select the date and time of your preference, the system will take you to make the payment of a deposit to ensure the reservation

Get ready

Get ready to receive your aesthetic treatment on the day you scheduled and pay the rest of the service on the date of the appointment.

Multi-Analysis Scanner

I present to you one of my favorites, this powerful machine for professional use allows us to analyze the skin in depth and thus indicate exactly what type of treatment should be applied to meet the needs of the skin.

Thanks to that I can properly advise you a protocol depending on the result of the facial analysis.

It is always taken into consideration (it is paramount) that each type of skin is different and therefore shows different signs depending on factors such as type and quality of life, age, diet, environment and genetic factors.⁣

In conclusion, and so that they take it into account when performing any facial treatment, knowing exactly the type of skin at all times is essential to choose the correct treatment.



Being a technology that emits a pulse in picoseconds (a picosecond is a million times shorter than a second), its effectiveness and results can be seen in fewer sessions than other types of techniques. ⁣
When there is a large increase in temperature, the pigments (in the case of tattoos) or, for example, the spots on the skin, explode into tiny particles that the body can easily metabolize by itself.⁣


Benefits of using Skincare By Geor

We have the largest variety of treatments for your skin care, with state-of-the-art technology to give your skin the correct care in record time.

Body image, the visual image you offer, not only reinforces your physical appearance, it also promotes self-confidence, which is why at Skincare by Geor we offer the best beauty services and Skin Care.

We have specialists with certified experience serving patients like you.

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