Cleansing milk



DESCRIPTION Ideal cleansing milk for daily cleansing of your face. The Hamamelis extract stands out from its formulation, whose main benefit of this plant is its astringent action on the skin. Without drying it out, it removes excess oil and dirt, as well as makeup residue, giving it softness and balance. Its action is combined with that of other plant extracts with moisturizing and softening properties, which help maintain healthy and beautiful skin. The result is completely clean and hydrated skin. It hydrates and perfectly prepares the skin for subsequent treatments such as balancing toners or creams, so that the skin can absorb all the properties of the products used in the daily routine. All its properties are an appropriate combination to moisturize and cleanse your skin. It is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Formulation indicated for oily or combination skin. BENEFITS It is very milky and extremely smooth. It favors by toning the skin and giving it incredible softness. Tested under dermatological control. SUITABLE FOR: Oily or combination skin. PRODUCT DETAILS How to use Apply the product generously and spread it all over the face, especially in the areas where dirt and oil accumulate the most, such as the forehead, nose and chin. Gently massage with circular movements until completely cleansed, leaving the product to act for about 3 minutes. Remove with cotton or make-up remover discs, sliding it over the face until the disc comes out clean. To complete the cleansing action, apply the facial toner for oily or combination skin.
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