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Summer Cosmetics | Facial serum highly concentrated in regenerating ingredients for a rapid and spectacular recovery of the skin after peeling processes. It stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (GAG's). Option A (during a professional DERMACURE treatment):

Apply 1ml gently massaging until completely absorbed. Don't retire. Then apply the DERMACURE POST-PEEL RESTORATIVE MASK. Option B (as a follow-up serum, after the professional DERMACURE treatment):

Apply 0.5ml in the morning, on clean and toned skin, massage until absorbed before the cream and/or specific sunscreen SUMMESUN SPF50+ SENSITIVE SKIN Apply 0.5 ml at night, on clean and toned skin, massage until absorbed. Subsequently apply DERMACURE ADVANCED RECOVERY PROGRAM_STEP2 MASK.

regenerating anti-aging firming Pain relieving Moisturizing (in depth) Nutritious clarifying RESULT A new skin in 7 days. It restores and stimulates the function of epidermal and dermal cells.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Avoid contact with the eye contour area.

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