A day of SPA




Come and enjoy a spa day including Facial, Relaxing massage, Hand and foot hydration, Body scrub, Mimosa...

Fifteen years




Special occasions

It includes:

  • Facial
  • Relaxing massage
  • Hand and foot hydration
  • Body scrub
  • Mimosa

What is a Spa day?
When we talk about a Spa day, we refer to a set of duly advised therapies that are adapted to the particular needs of each person, and are aimed at achieving their physical and mental well-being at the end of the session. In this sense, a spa day can be considered the best gift for our body and mind! This gift can be shared in a pleasant way on a spa day with friends; Whether it's to celebrate a special occasion, such as a spa day for a bachelorette party; or simply, as a different friends plan; to promote positive energies, disconnect from reality, reconnect with friends, obtain a healthier appearance, and even reduce anxiety. At the end of the session, everyone will be relaxed, and their body and mind will reach the desired balance. For its part, a spa day as a couple is an excellent excuse to get out of the daily routine, surprising your loved one with a special program that allows them to share quality time, living an enriching experience that strengthens the relationship and promotes relaxation. body and mind, through techniques specially designed for it. This experience opens spaces for communication between the couple, because it releases tensions, removing the distractors that frequently hinder it. Additionally, it contributes to the detoxification of body and mind, through rituals that release negative energies. Recharging the body to face the present situations, thus allowing to share the best of each one with the loved one, which helps to strengthen the relationship and improves sexual appetite.


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