Deep Facial / Reset Facial.

This is how I call this facial, it is a protocol invented by me, for you, based on the traditional facial, on the knowledge that I have gained through my studies and experience.

I learned that all the skins when they reach me must be restarted and it is from that point that I start working on each one of them.

My facial has as its main feature to improve.

* Hydration.
* Oil.
* The luminosity (Go from opaque to having its own brightness).
* Flaccidity (help the skin have more firmness).
* Attenuate those stains caused because you squeeze the grains, to sweep all that stratum corneum that is found with imperfections.
* Leveling the PH, if it rises towards alkaline levels, it will lose water, dry out and cause premature aging, the protective barrier function will be exposed to external factors, infections and even reactivate rosacea and the sensitivity of your skin.
* Liberation of the sebum pores, which opens your pores.



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