Improve skin quality:
Keep in mind that the use of platelet-rich plasma to improve skin quality has excellent results, which are optimized if combined with other procedures, such as microneedles.
With platelet-rich plasma we can improve aspects of the skin such as recovering its shine, revitalizing it and making it look healthier.

Prevent aging:
A nice effect of the application of platelet-rich plasma is that due to the fact that it has various growth factors of your own body, it will produce a stimulation of the fibroblasts in your skin, it will put them to work in the production of collagen and in this way make your skin look younger, slowing down the aging process.

Over the years, the skin elongates and loses a quantity of fundamental proteins such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, which maintain a taut and young skin, platelet-rich plasma serves to prevent that laxity that can be produced by the passage of time. days.

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