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The relaxing massage is a technique composed of different gentle and rhythmic manual methods in order to relax and decontract the affected muscles. It is a massage focused on body areas where muscle tension generally accumulates, such as the back and neck, in addition to seeking a state of relaxation and mental health in the person who is applied.

In our day to day we are subjected to regular stress that generates in one way or another the accumulation of tension in the muscles that involve the back and neck, which produces muscle fatigue, pain and, above all, mental exhaustion. One of the techniques used and that generates benefits in the body is the relaxing massage.

The main objective of a relaxing massage is aimed at improving the well-being of the person, this involves eliminating muscle tension due to daily stress, reducing pain, improving circulation by increasing the supply of oxygen to the tissues, achieving a state of mental relaxation. , to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, restores the internal harmony that has been lost, increasing self-esteem and the essential energy for the body.

Relaxing massage has also been shown to improve the performance of the immune system and increase the production of endorphins and melatonin.

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